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Billionaires for Bush
Landover Baptist
Swift Boat Veterans for Truth

  Consult this calendar for information on the final days of President Bush's 2004 campaign schedule.

Day Event Location Message $ Target
Pep Rally
Amer. Enterprise Inst.
Washington, DC
"Fearing the Terrifying Terror of Terrorism" $3.4 Million
Policy Speech
Heritage Foundation
Washington, DC
"The Eternal Non-Political Struggle Against Terror" $2.6 Million
19th Hole
Augusta Nat'l Golf Club
Augusta, GA
"Gender Equality: Cornerstone of Terror" $1.8 Million
Prayer Breakfast
Christian Coalition
Washington, DC
"American Theocracy: Terror's Nemesis" $3.1 Million
WMD Contractor Luncheon Northrop Grummon HQ
Pascagoula, MS
"Together, We Can Spend Terror Into Oblivion" $7.2 Million
Abortion Clinic Demolition Planned Parenthood of
Eaton Rapids, MI
"Preventing Terror Against American Womb Boogers" $1.1 Million
NASCAR Pennsylvania 500 Pocono Raceway
Altoona, PA
"Fuel Efficiency: The Vast Homosexual Conspiracy " $1.0 Million
Hot Dog Dinner Fund-Raiser Loyal Order of Moose
Baxter Springs, KS
"Terrorism: How Your Beloved Pets Might Die" $250K
Voucher School Ribbon Cutting Elementary Junction
Gnaw Bone, IN
"No Blue-Eyed American Child Left Unsaved" $450K
NRA Kindergarten Skeet Shoot Cooter's Target Range
Noxon, MT
"Terrorists: Poised to Infiltrate our Heartland's Doublewides" $175K
Biohazard Landfill Christening City Hall Park
Jobstown, NJ
"Securing the Future of the EPA Superfund" $1.2 Million
Work Stuff @ White House
Private Party Saudi Embassy
Washington, DC
[CLASSIFIED] $75 Million
Policy Speech
Jefferson Davis High
Santee, SC
"Employment Does Not a Great Economy Make!" $510K
5-Minute Photo Opportunity Coffee Shop
Crawford, TX
"Multi-Zillionaires Are Regular Folk, Too" $475
Pioneer Club
Holiday Inn
Fairview, OK
"Taxes: The Poor Man's Patriotic Privilege"" $2.25 Million
Compassion Outreach Log Cabin Republicans National Conference "Don't Ask, Don't Tell, KEEP WRITING CHECKS" $175K
Burger King Managers Summit Chattanoogan Hotel
Chattanooga, TN
"Embracing Trickle-Down Minimum Wage" $325K
Private Party News Corp VIP Center
New York, NY
[CLASSIFIED] $15 Million
Black Republican Caucus Conference Old Dixie Plantation
Lafayette, AL
"Keeping One's Place in the New G.O.P. Century" $275K
Cato Institute
Washington, DC
"Terror, Terror, All Around" $6 Million
Senior Bingo Night Appearance Landover Baptist Church: Freehold, IA "The Liberal Lie of Prescription Drug Efficacy" $10 Million
Domestic Policy Panel Discussion Mrs. Phyllis Schlafly's Eagle Forum "Tomorrow's Lesbian Reprogramming, Today" $1.8 Million
"Bold New Vision" Address Veteran's Hospital
New Smyrna Beach, FL
"Freeing Combat Heroes from Burdensome Insurance Bureaucracy" $45K
Work Stuff @ White House
Photo Opportunity
(Colored Children)
Boys & Girls Club
Flowood, MS
"The Compassion Thing" n/a
Cubo-Rican Business Forum Chi-Chi's Restaurant
Miami, FL
"Fidel Castro: Evildoer or Democratic Visionary? $3.2 Million
Prayer Luncheon
Ken Starr Foundation
Richmond, VA
"Victory Over Terror Through Phallic Fixations" $8.3 Million
Personal Day: Crawford, Texas
Conservative Awards Gala Daughters of the American Revolution "Mayflower Descendants United Against Interlopers" $3.4 Million
Private Party National Petrochemical Assn. Headquarters [CLASSIFIED] $27 Million
Day Event Location Message $ Target
Election Strategy Wrap-up Diebold Incorporated Electoral War Room "Launching 'Operation Uppity Darkie Stomp'" N/A
Evening Victory Party National Cathetral
Washington, DC
"Bring on the Rapture!"

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