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Vision: Protecting Nature With the Yellowstone Snowmobile Expressway
Vision: Pollution & "Clear Skies" - Saving America's Environment from the EPA
Vision: Celebrating Earth Day at the Yucca Mountain Nuclear Waste Facility
Vision: Industrious New Ideas to Save the Alaskan Nat'l. Wildlife Refuge
Vision: Hybrid Vehicles - Enviro-Mental Plot to Murder America's Children
Environmental Security Agenda

President Bush knows what it's like to live with the environment all around you. Having spent well over half a century in close proximity to the environment, he has developed a near legendary respect for its naturalism, strength, and impressive resiliency.

President Bush's well-known opposition to "the soft bigotry of low expectations" is a driving force behind his approach to shaping America's environmental future. Liberals have so little respect for the environment, they believe it needs special programs and rights in order to succeed and thrive. The truth of the matter is that by demanding that the environment be isolated from the rough and tumble reality of today's world, liberals actually infantalize and weaken the environment. In contrast, President Bush knows that exposure to challenge and adversity is a character-building experience – not just for people, but for the environment as well.

Indeed, whether it be the struggle of lifting oneself out of the ghetto, or lifting oneself out of a bubbling lagoon of phosphorescent Dupont® runoff, President Bush is confident that the best way for people and the environment alike to make it in the world is to scratch, claw, and fight for their survival against seemingly insurmountable obstacles, and with absolutely no help or protection from government. As such, President Bush is committed to doing his part to establish as many such obstacles as is humanly possible throughout his two Godly terms in office.

Moving forward, look for a new wave of bold initiatives specially devised to challenge America's streams, rivers, forests, and endangered species to rise up and show liberals once and for all that when pummeled by a near constant barrage of lethal threats and contaminants, that they have the courage and patriotic wherewithal to stand up for themselves!

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