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Today is November 2nd, in the Year of our Lord Jesus 2004

Watch "False Christian" Now!
John Kerry wants to trick churchgoing Americans into thinking he's a legitimate Christian. But what's the REAL story? Watch the latest in our Godly campaign's ongoing series of wholly accurate, non-distorting political ads to find out:
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Recent News
President's Convention Acceptance Speech Unveiling Detailed Plans for Tons More Good and Way Less Evil
Warm, Positive, and Uplifting Convention Keynote Address by Model Democratic Senator Zell Miller
President's Heartfelt Campaign Rally Remarks to Undecided Swing-State Amishese
President Reassures Base: "No Impotent Creationist NASCAR Dad Left Behind"
President's Address to the National Religious Broadcasters Association
President Explains the Economic Miracles of Jobless Recovery & Deficit Spending
The REAL Jack & Emma Claire Edwards EXPOSED!
They're sass-mouthed little monsters!    » Learn More!
Vivian Freep supports President Bush because...
of his work to help people exactly like Him.    » Visit Her
Virginia Wade supports President Bush because...
His Domestic Advisor is the greatest ever!    » Visit Her
Cost of America's Noble Iraq Crusade:
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 Watch "4 More Wars!"
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 Watch "Unprotected"
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» Create Your Own Campaign Posters!
Wallpaper your community with patriotic posters from this amazing internet tool.

» "A Second Chance"
By President George W. Bush
For once in His life, our leader deserves one.
» "On Friendship"
By President George W. Bush
When a friend stumbles, you pick him up.

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