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"Rethinking White House Term Limits"
An Essay by President George W. Bush

In today's America, there are many fine laws that protect the rights of Americans to preserve their vast fortunes. But sadly, there are also some laws that protect the rights of terrorists to do terror. It is essential that we destroy – or at least bypass – these terrorist-helping laws, and we must do it now.

Topping off the list of these laws which support evil is the eight-year term limit for President. True, the eight-year term limit used to be an effective way to ensure that domestic regime change occurred – but that was before terrorism, when wars were short and change was a good thing. When the enemy fought as a nation, the Commander-in-Chief had the luxury of being able to invade an evil country, exterminate its people, and be holding tickertape parades before his term was over. Indeed, a Commander-in-Chief could even last eight years or less without compromising national security.

Sadly, those days are behind us. Terrorism is here for the long haul, and we need to fight it on the long-haul timeline.

In 2008, at the end of my term, everything I have built to take out terrorists at home and abroad will be at the mercy of a new Commander-in-Chief. Why should we take that kind of risk? If you were winning a football game in the first quarter, would you put in your second-string quarterback?

I don’t think you would – and I wouldn't either.

That is why I will soon be proposing, as part of a new series of Homeland Security initiatives, that we guarantee the future safety of the American people by doing away with the eight year term limit.

The Ultimate Term Limit

Eliminating the Presidential term limit will go a very long way towards locking in the Bush Administration's gains over evil. But there's an even bigger problem than the eight­year term­limit: I call it the Ultimate Term Limit.

Until recently, there was no answer to the quandary of the Ultimate Term Limit.

Today, finally, there is. By digitally preserving the contents of a person's brain in an artificially intelligent computer chip, it is possible to allow a person – say, a winning Commander-in-Chief – to continue making winning decisions, even after he or she has passed on in the traditional sense.

By perpetuating my decision-making processes, this new technology will let me continue to protect the nation from terror long after I have gone to heaven. If Ghengis Khan or Julius Caesar could have done this, they would have, and the Mongolian or Roman worlds would have continued to prosper under their rule into the future forever.

Americans deserve the best. By supporting my agenda to end first the eight-year, and eventually the Ultimate Term Limit, you can help support the war on terror forever, in perpetuity.

What works today will work in the future.

     - George W. Bush, Commander-in-Chief

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