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Despite President Bush's utterly flawless job performance since reclaiming the White House from the loathsome adulterer who sent his father packing to the dust bin of humiliated one-termers, the 2004 election is shaping up to be one of the tightest in history. That's why President Bush needs your help!

Join the grassroots movement to enlighten Americans about our Godly President's inspired long-term agenda, and you too can sleep easy at night knowing you're doing your part to keep our beloved country safe from leftist sociopaths who'll stop at nothing to return us to the dark days of late-1990's socioeconomic harmony.

Use the free brochure and posters at right to help get out the good word about President Bush. Print thousands at your local Kinkos®, and enlist your friends and family to canvass every last public surface in your community with the holy word of Team Bush!

Don't delay! Get busy today!

Learn How to Volunteer for President Bush!

The officious printable brochure contains essential information, including six guaranteed strategies for decimating liberal trash in 2004!

Download PDF

Download PDF

Download PDF
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